Savoir faire

The production


It’s above all the passion which motivate us to produce our biscuits. That’s why we take a certain care to the elaboration of our recipes. 

The dough is made with the highest quality ingredients guaranteed free of preservatives, artificial flavourings or GMOS (fresh butter, whole eggs, milk, Spanish almond, barley malt, sesame seeds, crystallised oranges, chocolate from Latin America, quinoa from Bolivia…). It is first worked  through a kneading machine and then the Sablés are formed and glazed on metal trays before being placed in the oven.

After a slow and controlled baking on the metal trays, the biscuits are taken out of the oven and cooled to air temperature.

Finally the biscuits are selected and packed by hand to guarantee the highest quality.

Our strict quality control is appliedat all stages of production. Our biscuits are also sealed air-tight to ensure that they remain fresh and crunchy.

La cuisson

Our biscuits

The little sablés made in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, all fresh butter, round, indented and crunchy, are available in different flavours, for the highest pleasure of all ages gourmets.

Nos petits sablés

The Croq’ framboise (raspberry meringue) received the Best Biscuit Prize in 2009 by the Ordre Culinaire International

The Gourmet range: Delicate biscuits representing the sophisticated savoir-faire of the pastry à la française.

Les gourmandises de la Sablésienne

The organic biscuits range. La Sablésienne pioneer in the making of organic biscuits  La Sablésienne have produce organic biscuits for 20 years, it develops tasty and original organic recipes. Certified by Ecocert.

Our commitments

Made in Sablé-sur-Sarthe

Our biscuits’ secret is based on three beliefs:

The best biscuits are the most natural.
Our recipes contain no additives, artificial coulouring, preservatives or GMOs. Our ingredients are high-quality and principally come from the West of France.

The best biscuits are made in a traditional manner.
Biscuits have been baked on metal trays and collected by hand for more that 50 years. La Sablésienne baker’s create and develop new recipes which evoque childhood memories.

The best biscuits are those which embody the art of the French biscuit making.
La Sablésienne is proud of entertaining and improving the traditional French biscuit recipes. Its range of biscuits revolves around three specialties of France’s culinary heritage.